CNC Milling

We operate one of the most advanced and efficient CNC Milling centres in the U.K.  This has required investment in plant and human resource and is essential in keeping us at the forefront of our industry.  In an environment that is competitive and cost-conscious, quality and cost-effective production are critical.

All programming is done ‘off-line’ on any of our six CAM programming suites by any of our skilled engineers, this enables CPL to offer a free programming service achieving competitive advantage in the European market.

Programs are sent direct to our machining centres via a server and after initial set up and First Off full inspection to ensure "right first time" can run for 24 hour periods, increasing speed of production for our customers.

Programs are stored in dedicated client folders with shared access to latest revision status. We have found that customers value this service which assures repeat quality and traceability. File formats are normally PDF for system electronic storage and non-changeable for safety, DXF for standard 2D milling and solid 3D models as a programming aid or clarification.

Our CPL Milling Division is supported by continual servicing of machine centres and a new for old investment programme ensuring maximim output and minimum down time.