New Audit Season Open
11 January 2018

Seems like CPL is just getting over the festivities and we are launch straight in to our compliance audit season.

Don’t know if anyone else has recognised that compliance audits always seem to be a bit like buses, you wait ages for one and then they all come along at the same time.

So, having started our week with our continued compliance to the ISO 27001 Information Security audit conducted by Phil Cole from ACS, which we have not received the completed audit report yet, but it was suggested that with only a few non-conformities noted at the closing meeting, we will be recommended to continue our registration to the standard.

This was closely followed by our ISO 9001 Transition Assessment to the new 2015 standard conducted by John Silk from the BSi, visiting CPL for the first time.

I am extremely pleased to say we have been successful, and we have been recommended to be compliant to the new ISO 9001-2015 standard.

John found no non-conformities or areas for improvement throughout his very in-depth and vigorous audit, and has suggested that our new certification will be dispatched shortly.

It goes without saying that this success must go to all the staff who contribute to make this a very successful start to the new year.

My humble gratitude goes to all.


Andrew Wierny

Senior Quality & Compliance Manager

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