Spring brings a bright look to CPL
16 May 2017

Cambridge Precision Ltd is pleased to announce further investment in its machine shop. Having already invested in 2 5-axis machine tools, another Doosan DNM 6700 along with a Nikken 5-axis table has been delivered, with a Haas UMC750 due imminently.

This means investment of 4 machine tools in 2017, 2 of which are full 5-axis state of the art. The investment is imperitive to help meet the requirements of its customers and also remain competitive in an increasingly difficult market place.

Technological advancements has meant that continual investment is required to keep the company moving forward. Following this latest investment the company now has a total of 6 machines with 5-axis capability this enables the company to machine complex, multi-faceted and full 5 axis machined parts. This will open up many more opportunities for the business and already the company has seen the benefit of having the latest technology.



If you require any more information on this machine or any other machines at Cambridge precision please contact us by phone or e-mail in the contact provided on this site.





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