Successful Change to the Environment at CPL
30 March 2017

It is always difficult when any new addition to a standard, which a company already holds accreditation to, is released.

The hope that you have interpreted those changes and reflected those areas of change within your management systems accurately is always a concern during your first compliance audit.

So it is with great pleasure that I can report, our Environmental assessment to the new ISO 14001:2015 standard was completely successful.

This audit was conducted in two parts, firstly our Environmental management system against the new standard, which Brian Goldsmith from BSI found 100% compliant, which in itself was noted as impressive.

Secondly our compliance to those standards, of which only two very minor non-conformances’ where documented within the report.

Brian Goldsmith has therefore made a recommendation to BSi for CPL to gain certification to the new ISO14001:2015 standard.

This is yet another outstanding result, and many thanks must go to all our staff, for their efforts to continually contribute and support the company to improve our environmental performance.

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